Investor Relations
LJM Developments
  • Provides access to “green” projects with environmentally friendly designs
  • Focuses on projects that offer stability and above-market returns
  • Unique property investment opportunities and management services
  • Well-diversified portfolio across residential and commercial real-estate
  • Strong team of professionals with the right knowledge and experience to deliver quality that exceeds market expectations


LJM makes a dedicated effort to create a pipeline of lucrative projects. The company is well-versed and highly experienced in identiying suitable land that presents solid growth prospects


LJM has a solid track-record of effectively financing projects through growth capital and strong financing relationships with major investment institutions in Canada


LJM has a solid track-record of undertaking and successfuly completing full-scale development of projects that exceed market expectations and raise the benchmark


LJM has strong expertise in successfully managing portfolio properties. The company manages a robust operational system and procedures that ensure timely rent collection and quality control

Properties Management Burlington

Properties Management Grimsby

Properties Management Toronto