LJM Developments wraps up a productive week at the International MIPIM Conference in Cannes

Posted: March 03, 2014

BURLINGTON, Ontario, March 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – LJM Developments (LJM) attended the 25th Anniversary of the International Real Estate Developers Conference in Cannes. As only one of a handful in attendance from Canada, the LJM team proudly represented Ontario as the largest real estate market in Canada.

MIPIM, also known as the World’s Property Market (MIPIM), represents the largest conference, convention and awards for all parties involved in the world’s commercial and residential real estate industry. The 2014 gathering marked the 25th Anniversary of the Conference, and made it a particularly special year, commemorating a long history of bringing developers, investors, architects and builders together from all over the world. Shaheryar Mian of LJM Developments complimented MIPIM on an event that “was seamlessly executed and had a superb attendance.”

Although there were other delegations from Summerville, PEI, Ontario’s Ministry of Tourism, and Montreal, Quebec, Shaheryar believes “more representation from North America in general” could better represent the investment opportunities in this market.

Statistics presented at the Convention showed Canada as the largest investor (Globe and Mail, September 20, 2013) in the United States real estate market with investments in excess of $11 billion while China, a distant second had under $3 billion, in 2013. These statistics alone demonstrate the strength of Canadian institutions and strong fundamentals in the Canadian real estate investment strategy. LJM Developments believes there is plentiful opportunity in Ontario, and Canada at large. The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) predicts that the Canadian economy will grow 2.5% in 2014, and 2.7% in 2015 as export demands increase and the global economy continues to recover.

With a number of signature upcoming developments, including both residential and commercial spaces focusing on the future of mixed space developments, LJM Developments continually seeks growth pockets. One such development, the Appleby Line project in Burlington has garnered much attention for its great combination of living space and commercial offerings as well as LJM’s upcoming lake-front development in Grimsby, Waterview Condominiums, which opens to the public on May 3rd 2014.

“Attending MIPIM was a real eye-opener as we got to interact with developers, investors, and famed architects from around the world. It not only served as a means for us to seek partnerships and opportunities, but also a great learning experience and inspiration” says Shaheryar Mian of LJM.

LJM hopes in the future there will be greater and collaborative representation of Ontario and Canadian developers to share in the spotlight that they garnered while at the MIPIM conference. “Being featured in the Conference’s Daily Newspaper given our unique position was a great honour” adds Mian. Looking to expand their holdings and development footprint further west of the GTA, LJM Developments consistently seeks new projects and land holding opportunities. Shaheryar Mian looks forward to attending next year’s conference with anticipation.